Eternal Vigilance 

Is The Price Of Liberty .. & .. All Politics Is Local

Decisions made in your state capital and in Washington, D.C., are implemented by bureaucracies & administrative law courts and the career politicians you hire to manage your county.  If you want better government in your state capital and in Washington, D.C.,  we suggest you focus 80+% of your resources where you have the most leverage, …. your county.  

We Are Investigative Researchers & Reporters 

We are supported by small quiet teams of local reporters, researchers, writers, editors & photographers across Texas’ 254 counties.  Since Texas’ real political power lies in its counties, we are all dedicated to helping Texans learn how their county works & how to tap into that power.  Thus, much of our work focuses on the Politicians, Bureaucrats & KleptoCrats to whom you have entrusted the fiduciary responsibility of collecting & managing Your County Tax Dollars.  Their ranks will provide many of tomorrow’s state legislators, congressmen & senators.  Who are they, and are they living up to the fiduciary trust you have placed in their hands with honor ??  TTCI works to help you answer that question and to be better prepared the next time you enter the voting booth. 

We Research, Compile & Analyze budgets, capital projects, bonds, elections, legislation, staffing & campaign contributions.  Roads, water, electricity, schools, law enforcement & administrative law courts are always on our radar.  No .. TTCI is not a NEWS organization.  NEWS merely scratches the surface.  Stick with us & you will quickly realize that we are dig much, much, much deeper.  Our research & investigations are used to draw our referenced conclusions.  We then summarize & share them with our readers.  Our objective is to help you defend yourself !!  Who’s Really Looking Out For Your Interest ??

NEWS Does Not Provide Real Knowledge … 

Alone, NEWS will never lead to wisdom or solid military strategies.  NEWS is designed to keep you distracted.  It’s designed to constantly keep your mind filled with Digital Gossip & The Foolish Fodder Needed For Idle Chatter.  That insures that you will never fully understand what is happening to you and your family.  It also insures that you will never be able to take any meaningful action to protect yourself & your family against your enemy’s schemes to destroy the USA from within.  

Professionally Crafted NEWS .. Just For You !! ..

Just as on the national level, local NEWS is filtered, slanted & then polished by Professional Propagandists before you get it.  At least 95% of what you really need to know gets purged.  The resulting Professionally Crafted Local NEWS is guaranteed to support the ideology & political persuasion of the political party that dominates your county.  It is guaranteed to be Politically Correct and not be offensive to the biggest advertisers or the Garygoyles that think they run your county.  Result .. With a tickle & a giggle, you are fed loosely connected information fragments.  

Mushrooms Don’t Need Sunlight .. Neither Do You !! ..

Providing fragments of information guarantees that you will never be able to visualize, in 3 dimensions, what is unfolding before your eyes.  You will never have an idea who’s really pulling the strings, the time line nor how Your Tax Dollars are really being used.  All the media has to do is simply splash just enough titillating gossip, a graphic & or a stage photo of a local celebrity on their pages.  Your eyeballs are sure to be captured.  All they need to do is to hold on to your eye balls just long enough to make their cash registers ring.  The last thing in which American Media Operatives are interested is helping you fully understand the forces working to nullify Our Constitution & all of your Rights & Liberties as American Citizens.  Since most Conservatives depend on the NEWS, our enemies within are guaranteed that they will never ever have to defend anything that really matters.  They can be assured that you will never be able to formulate and implement strategies that will ever have a chance to interfere with their plans for the Tax Dollars you donate to their causes.

We Do Not Chase NEWS Cycles !! … 

We write for those truly serious about learning.  One of the biggest weaknesses plaguing Conservatives is the fact that they are dependent on local NEWS sources that are too often dependent on the very human politicians, bureaucrats & kleptocrats that must be watched.  Conservatives are also absolutely horrible when it comes to communications; especially on local levels. That is exactly why TTCI was founded in 2014.  

Each TTCI Issue .. 

focuses like a laser on a specific subject and the corresponding local positive or negative impact(s).  Each issue tackles a specific challenge (or opportunity).  Historical perspective is provided as well as contemporary context, quantification, specific local examples & recommended action(s).  If you know of others who would like to work with TTCI in their county, please ask them to send a note to .. info@TheTexasCountyInspector.com .

Contributors … 

We welcome thoroughly researched & well written articles from other Conservative groups.  Names of our sources are held in the strictest confidence.  If your have verifiable information, about the operation of your county you feel should be made public, just let us know.  Since we are fact driven, our readers count on us to get things right and to tell them when we are uncertain.  Our credibility is everything.  Thus, the support of credible sources is critical to our growth.  You may send references articles, graphics, photos, & other documents to the address below.  Your name will be held in strict confidence, unless you wish to be listed as the author of the article you submit. All submittals become TTCI property.

No .. We Are Not An Easy Read … You Will Be Required To Think !!

If you are not able to focus your mind beyond 140 characters at a time, you will find us difficult. We do not have a lot of pretty pictures of fancy models, expensive cars, clothing or vacation venues.  However, we offer an opportunity for you and your family to acquire full complements of knowledge about things that have direct & indirect impact on your life … & your future.  We also have great cartoons and brain food that will stimulate your brain cells and even make you smile.  

We Will Help You Learn To Do Your Own Digging … 

It is impossible to provide all the answers.  However, TTCI provides those looking for much more depth a place to start.  When they tire of the NEWS, then they are ready for TTCI.  We provide guidance and focus as each reader works their way along their personal learning curve.  Our Opinions, Editorials & Articles are based on our research, information provided by those with first hand knowledge and public records.  We share them in an effort to provide answers and guidance for those willing to think critically and do just a little digging on their own.

TTCI Is Self Funded … That Means We Are Always In Need Of Money !!

We are not obligated to anything or anyone.  We are dependent on your subscriptions, downloads & purchases of past issues and our advertisers to fund our effort.  Support from people like you is definitely needed and highly valued.  Those interested in subscribing can do so by clicking on “Subscribe” in the top menu of our home page.  Individual “Recent Issues” may also be downloaded.  If you would like to be one of our advertisers, just send us a note to SpaceAds@TheTexasCountyInspector.com.

Always Working For You !!

Jackson C. Smooth

Chief Inspector